Opticians: Brunswick, Lewiston and Standish

A dispensing optician is trained to dispense and fit spectacles and other optical aids, working from the prescriptions written by optometrists and ophthalmologists.
Dispensing opticians advise patients on various types of lenses and spectacle frames, including advice on style, weight and color. They advise patients on how to wear and care for their spectacles

• Interpreting optical prescriptions written by optometrists and being able to convert outside Ophthalmology prescriptions.
• giving advice to patients on lens type, frames and styling;
• Using the consultative sales method of asking open ended lifestyle questions to get a better understanding of the patient’s optical needs.
• taking frame and facial measurements to ensure correct fit and positioning;
• trouble shooting any patient issues that may arise in regards to eyewear
• advising partially sighted patients on the use of low vision aids;
• advising patients when adjustments or repairs to spectacles are needed;
• selecting, managing and ordering glasses and other optical products
• ordering lenses from appropriate labs;
• checking lenses on delivery to ensure that they meet the required specifications;
• arranging and maintaining shop displays;
• Having an understanding of, and ability to explain vision insurance benefits to patients.
• billing lenses and frames to vision insurances
• Completing continuing education credit hours and keeping up on industry news.
• Required to attend all optical/staff meetings
• Expected to contribute by offering ideas on how to better the practice and patient experience.
• Supervising and training trainee dispensing opticians.


Optometric Technicians: Brunswick and Lewiston

The role of the Technician is to make the patient feel comfortable while performing the necessary test needed. To be able to explain procedures that are being done. To assist the doctor with any other specialty testing that may need to be done.

• Explain and administer the test that need to be performed.
• Gather medical history from the patient.
• Understand where information needs to be added into the medical record.
• Maintain a clean environment for the patient.
• Assist patients on insertion and removal of contact lenses. Also be able to explain contact lenses to the patient.
• Greet patients when they come into the office and answer phones when needed.

High school graduate or GED is required. Preferred: CPO certified with at least five years clinical experience in a multi-site Optometry practice.

To apply: Please send cover letter and resume to Audrey Laskey, alaskey@maineoptometry.com.

All other positions are currently filled. Please contact CEO Amy Landry with inquiries about other open positions. We are always accepting resumes to have on file for future openings.

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