New school year. New Glasses

It’s back to school season, and while your focus may have been on making sure your child had all the needed supplies and tools to tackle the school year, it’s important to prioritize the tools they have had all along, like their vision!

Impaired vision undoubtedly affects a child’s ability to learn. No child wants to struggle to see the white board or to read their worksheet—so let’s put eye health first! A successful school year starts with correct vision and healthy eyes, a new pair of frames that reflect their personal style just makes it that much better.

From now until October 31, Maine Optometry is offering FREE single vision polycarbonate lenses to children 18 and under with the purchase of frames. Let your child peruse our large selection of modern and classic frames in one of our locations and find the perfect pair!

If you’re worried about screen time from devices such as phones, iPads, TVs, and computers, you can upgrade your purchase to include blue light blocking lenses for only $50. Not only will your child be stylish in new glasses, you’ll be helping them to avoid digital eye strain.

See the school year off to a good start and visit a Maine Optometry location today!

This offer is only valid for children 18 and under. It cannot be combined with any other offers or vision insurance plans. This offer includes Nassau “Lighten Up Sentinel Poly.” Purchaser can upgrade to Nassau “Blue Shield AR” for an additional $50.