Whether you’re wearing prescription glasses to correct your vision or sunglasses to simply protect your eyes, it’s important to have glasses that align with your personal style. When you’re selecting glasses, you want to consider the color, frame thickness and shape to decide which is the best pair for you.

Different eye shape and styles

How To Choose Your Eyeglass Shape

There are nine basic shapes of glasses frames: Round, rectangular, square, geometric, oval, aviator, cat eye, brow-line and wayfarer. Several factors can play into which of these shapes works best for you, but it’s best to start with the shape of your face.

The five basic face shapes are: oval, round, square, triangular and heart. Good news, if you have an oval face, any shape of eyeglass will generally look great on you!

Aviators are usually a more popular choice for sunglasses than they are for prescription glasses, but the shape works well for nearly every face shape. If you have a heart-shaped face, aviators may not be the best style for you, however.

Cat-eye and Wayfarer frames are statement-making styles that compliment most face shapes, but if you have a rounder face, you may want to select a different style.

In addition to Cat-eye and Wayfarer frames, people with heart-shaped faces may find rectangle, brow-line and oval glasses to be the best shape for them.

Glasses shapes with harder lines, such as rectangular, square and geometric may not be the best fit for people with square-shaped faces, though they work well for people with rounder faces.

Current Trends

Looking to make a fashion statement with your eyeglass shape? Try on a pair of cat-eye or round glasses. These bold shapes are a trendy choice that can take your outfit to the next level as a stylish accessory.

Both had their day in the mid-20th century, but as they say, everything old is new again.

How to Make Your Choice

These tips are just a starting point! We know it can be overwhelming to look at all the frames and styles available, but this information offers a great place to begin trying on styles, and should help you find a pair you love. And remember, if you like the frames, they make you feel confident and you love wearing them, then you’ve found the perfect style!

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