There is nothing more annoying than dealing with foggy glasses, especially when it happens frequently. Ambient heat, humidity and wearing face masks can be the primary causes that make your eyewear fog up. It can be tough to avoid these factors, but we’re here to help you say goodbye to foggy lenses with these quick solutions that will help you keep your lenses clear.

Five Best Ways To Defog Glasses closeup of a young caucasian man cleaning the lenses of his eyeglasses with a microfiber cloth

1. Use Anti-fog Lenses

With anti-fog lenses, you don’t have to repeatedly go through the hassle of removing your glasses to wipe off the fog. These types of lenses are also effective with masks and other face coverings, making it a great option if you are wearing a mask for more extended periods.

2. Place a Tissue Inside Your Mask

Placing a tissue between the mask and your nose helps keep the moisture down. The tissue absorbs the moisture from your warm breath, which will prevent your eyewear from fogging up. You can fold the tissue into a strip and use tape to keep it in place.

3. Secure Your Mask Tightly Around Your Face

A loosely-fitting mask allows exhaled air to release straight into your glasses, causing them to fog up. Conversely, a secure-fitting mask forces the air straight out and away from your glasses. To more securely position your mask, put it under your glasses and gently pinch the bendable wire at the top along the crease of your nose.

4. Anti-fog Wipes or Sprays

Use anti-fog wipes or sprays to help keep your glasses clear. This is one of the easiest and simplest methods to ward off light fog. Apply them to your lenses daily to ensure clear and clean vision.

5. Get Water-Repellent Lens Coating

Having your glasses coated with a water repellent will help you avoid foggy glasses Water-repellent lenses are crafted to prevent fog, mist or any other kind of moisture from collecting on your lenses and hindering your vision.

Foggy glasses are not only annoying, they can also be a hazard if they impair your sight. We hope these tips help you keep your glasses from fogging up.

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