Maine Optometry continues to grow! We recently broke ground in Gorham for the construction of a new, two-story, 12,000 square-foot professional medical office building located at 25 Main Street. Designed by Dirigo Architectural Engineering of Turner and managed by Zachau Construction of Freeport, the project is slated for completion in early August 2019.

We’re expanding to make more space for our growing patient community, our staff and our doctors. The people of Gorham have supported us for over 20 years, and we’re planning on staying a while. The Town of Gorham has been a supportive partner in the project. Gorham town planner, Tom Poirer, has worked closely with us throughout the planning process and says that the town is “honored that Maine Optometry chose Gorham for their new building development. The building will be a beautiful addition to development occurring on lower Main Street.”

Of the two-story, 12,000 square-foot building, we will occupy 4,000 square feet on the first floor. Other medical professionals and practices are contracted to lease sections of the second floor, and there are portions of the second floor space still available for lease.

Helping to lead the project is Maine Optometry CEO Amy Landry. “We are excited to expand our practice in response to the community that has been so supportive over the past 20 plus years. Maine Optometry is dedicated to its patients, and this state-of-the-art building will allow us to continue providing exceptional optometric care to people of all ages,” Landry says.

Three highly-skilled medical optometrists will be practicing in the new Gorham building. Dr. Andre Achenbach—one of Maine Optometry’s three owners—will continue to see his patients in Lewiston and Gorham. Dr. Alan Mathieu will remain at the Gorham office. In the coming months, we will be hiring a third optometrist to join Drs. Achenbach and Mathieu.

The current Gorham staff will accompany Drs. Achenbach and Mathieu into the new facility with the same commitment to patient care. Expanding Maine Optometry’s medical office will allow for two doctors to be on-site full-time during business hours Monday-Friday and provide for morning appointment hours on Saturdays.

Current Gorham patients will continue to visit our location at 347 Main Street until we announce project completion next summer. In the meantime, we will post progress photos on our Facebook page and keep patients updated with any important information.