Have you ever fell in love with a style of eyeglasses only to try them on and have them look horrible? Chances are the style of frame was wrong for the shape of your face!  Choosing new glasses is serious business, matching them to complement your face shape is too. For the most flattering look, work with your facial features—not against them.

Here are seven face shapes and the frames that best suit them.


Description: balanced proportions with narrower forehead and jaw

To do: be free to go bold!

Frames: any style: aviator, rectangular, oversized


Description: aka base-up triangle, a broad forehead that narrows at the jawline/chin

To do: add balance to the bottom of your face

Frames: cat-eye, rimless, D-frame (think RayBan Wayfarer) 


Description: longer than it is wide

To do: make your face appear shorter

Frames: D-frame, aviator, cat-eye, frames with decorative “arms” add width and dimension, frames with more depth than width (longer frames down your cheeks rather than wider out to your ears)


Description: strong jaw, broad forehead, width and length about the same

To do: make your face appear longer and soften angles

Frames: oval, round, narrow frame styles with more width than depth


Description: the rarest shape—narrow forehead and jawline with high, defined cheekbones

To do: balance out pronounced cheekbones, soften angles

Frames: cat-eye, oval, rimless, frames with detail at the brow line


Description: no angles, curved lines, width and length about the same

To do: create angles to have your face appear longer

Frames: rectangular, angular and geometric frames

Base-down Triangle

Description: narrow forehead, widening at cheekbones

To do: add width to your upper face area

Frames: cat-eye, frames with details and/or bold colors along the brow line

Once you get the frame style right for your face shape, you can start adding detail, playing with color or decide to keep it classic. Still confused about what will look good on you? Visit our optical centers at any one of our Maine Optometry locations and get a one-on-one consultation and fit. Whatever frame you choose, the most important thing is that you feel confident.