Find the Perfect Prescription Eyeglasses for Summer

As the warmer weather finally returns here in Maine, the search begins for the perfect prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes and maintain the quality of your vision. Look no further than Maine Optometry. Offering the latest trendy styles for all types of eyewear and highly qualified doctors to give you what you need, we’ll help you stay fashionable and functional when you hit the beach or swim at the pool.

A Style for Everyone

Choosing a style for any kind of eyewear can be tricky, and sunglasses are no different. The general rule is to select frames according to your facial shape, but how will you know what that is? This guide can help.

  • Oval faces: This face shape has the widest part at the cheekbones, with the face narrowing towards the chin and upward to the forehead.
  • Diamond-shaped faces: Similar to the oval, the diamond-shaped face is noticeably fuller in the cheeks than the forehead or chin.
  • Round faces: The round face is roughly just as wide as it is long.
  • Square faces: A square face is similar in width at the forehead and the chin.
  • Heart-shaped faces: These faces are widest at the forehead but narrow at the chin.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, you can browse our wide selection of prescription sunglasses. There are certain styles of frames that will complement certain facial shapes (though, of course, you can wear whatever you want, regardless!). Here’s a general guide:

  • Oval faces look great in nearly any style of eyewear!
  • Diamond-shaped faces can rock a retro cat eye frame.
  • Round faces could choose frames that have strong lines, especially near the top, such as a bold wayfarer.
  • Square faces often look best in rounded, thinner frames that soften the angular lines of the face. Aviators are a common choice.

Multiple Locations to Serve You

Maine Optometry is the largest eye care practice in the state, which means that at least one of our locations is likely not too far from you. When you want comfort, convenience and a wide selection of prescription sunglasses to fit your unique face shape, we’re here to outfit you with unique and trendy choices that let you see clearly while protecting your eyes from the harsh summer sun. Because we use locally sourced materials for making our glasses, this means that you won’t have to wait forever to get the perfect frames – they’ll be ready for you just in time for summer!

Offering Eye Exams, Too

If your prescription needs an update before you secure those perfect summer sunglasses, Maine Optometry can help with that, too. We offer annual eye exams and emergency visits. Our goal is to treat our patients with the utmost care and efficient service so you can be on your way, looking great and seeing clearly. So go ahead and plan those fun summer outings with the confidence that you’ll have the perfect sunglasses to keep you functional and fashionable all season long!

Our trained staff and friendly doctors at Maine Optometry are ready to evaluate your vision, so you can face each day knowing that you have the tools to succeed. Set up an appointment at one of our seven Maine locations today!