Maine Optometry is a Doctor-Owned Practice

We often talk about the fact that Maine Optometry is a doctor-owned medical practice. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from other optometric practices in the state of Maine, especially considering that we maintain seven locations from Saco to Brunswick. But what does that really mean for you, the patient? Why should it matter?

Our Focus Is on You

Being doctor-owned means that we provide the care and own the business, from a technical standpoint. Our doctors can make collective decisions on both business and medical matters, which directly affects your experience as a patient.

The quality of the care we provide is of the utmost importance. We’re able to keep costs low and accept most major insurance plans while also holding fast to the highest standard of care for our patients. This level of patient-centered operations from the ground up is only made possible by being a doctor-owned practice.

A Plethora of Advantages

Our optometrists are dedicated to the communities that they serve. We live here too, and we want to see our communities thrive. Our connection to our patients goes far beyond a purely medical relationship; we truly seek to provide the best care possible, because we care about you, not just our practice.

Since we are in fact so locally focused and driven within our communities, we also look to source our materials from local businesses. We’re not only serving our communities, but also actively contributing to their growth.

The advantages to being a doctor-owned optometry practice are almost immeasurable. Contact Maine Optometry today to learn more about our doctors and leadership, or schedule an appointment!