The Retro Resurgence: Older-Fashioned Eyewear Is Back in Style

Just like many other trends that go in cycles, retro eyewear is making a comeback. Vintage-inspired glasses, whether they’re everyday prescription eyewear or sunglasses, have become popular for many reasons. If this is the style you crave, Maine Optometry has the frames for you!

Why Retro?

While technology is booming and making life easier in many ways, a sense of the past is always present. Many people are nostalgic for what they remember from visits with their grandparents, and the smallest thing like a pair of vintage-inspired eyeglasses can help us feel connected to those days.

Celebrities can also have a significant influence on what is popular in eyewear. When someone famous wears tiny, round glasses, it can be natural for us to want to wear that style, too. Just like with clothing trends, eyewear changes according to who is wearing what look.

Glasses Are High Fashion

A new generation has discovered a love of old-fashioned eyewear since seeing celebrities donning vintage frames. In the 70s and 80s, the style was thick, bold frames in oversized shapes. These frames didn’t seem special at the time, but looking back, they now feel funky and cool.

Consider some of these frames:

  • Round frames are huge now, especially when combined with rainbow colors.
  • Tortoiseshell frames look great with a bolder color (think a turquoise or red) arm.
  • Thin wire-rim frames that present a sleek silhouette are still in fashion.
  • Aviators—but with a thicker tortoise shell frame and thin arms—are in again. Any type of retro frame shape with oddly shaped arms will get you a lot of applause.
  • Rimless lenses are another wildly popular frame style, with the bold upper frame in a distinctive color.

Moving into the 90s, the trend was toward rounded glasses, with some appearing to mimic goggles. From a thin, round wire frame to a thicker, colored oval shape, round was dominant.

What About Sunglasses?

Sunglasses have also picked up on retro styles. The early 2000s saw sunglasses lenses become quite dark, with embellishments on the frames—think diamonds, pearls, and brand names in bold letters. The frame shape also moved toward a square silhouette with an oversized shape reminiscent of the 1970s. Another trend was for sunglasses to hug the face like the goggles of race car drivers.

Vintage Allows You to Be Unique

When you don’t want to look like everyone else, vintage and retro-inspired eyewear (both eyeglasses and sunglasses) can enable you to express your individuality. Choosing a pair of old-fashioned frames is not just about correcting vision but also about having a distinctive style or wearing art.

Maine Optometry can help you get just the right look by giving you advice on the shape, size, and colors that will best enhance your face and correct your vision. Don’t forget that having proper facial measurements can be an important step in ensuring that you have the right fit for your distinctive look.

With seven locations and a fully trained staff, our team at Maine Optometry can indulge your love of vintage frames. We can’t wait to see you in your new glasses! Contact us today at 207-729-8474 for an appointment. Visit us in Gorham, Saco, Freeport, Brunswick, Windham, Lewiston, or Standish.