A contact lens is a medical device designed to be worn on the anterior surface of the eye. Good vision, comfort and eye health are our goals in fitting you with contact lenses.The doctors will discuss with you what type of contact lens (s)he feels would be best for your prescription and your specific visual needs.

We supply & fit a variety of contact lenses including:

  • Spherical soft lenses (daily disposable or monthly)
  • Astigmatic soft lenses (daily disposable or monthly)
  • Multifocal soft lenses (daily disposable or monthly)
  • Monovision contact lenses
  • Extended wear soft lenses
  • Gas permeable rigid lenses
  • Disposable lenses
  • Other specialty lenses: scleral, keratoconic, hybrid, ortho-k, etc.

We offer a complete instructional program for first time wearers. Contact lens solutions & accessories are also available here at the office for your added convenience.

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