Our office specializes in visual problems of children and adults. We encourage all parents to schedule an eye assessment sometime between 6-12 months and a complete eye examination by the age of 3.

Vision involves a collection of visual abilities that are learned and developed as each child grows. Some children learn the necessary visual abilities extremely well while others may develop inadequate abilities that interfere with learning.

We provide diagnostic testing and treatment in our Vision Therapy Program for children and adults who have learning-related vision problems, standard binocular problems or brain injuries.Testing, diagnosis and treatment in a vision therapy program will allow you to achieve your maximum academic potential. Treatment in our vision therapy program is devoted to developing, improving and enhancing visual performance when eyeglass lenses alone cannot correct eye problems.

Our office participates in one great American Optometric Association children’s program:

AOA’s InfantSEE Program

This program provides a NO CHARGE eye examination for every infant in the United States at participating optometric practices. New moms know the value of well-baby checks with their physicians, but are not aware of the importance of well-baby eye exams to detect such treatable eye conditions as amblyopia (lazy eye). Many eye conditions are treatable if caught early on. President Jimmy Carter introduced this program. He has two grandchildren who had “missed amblyopia” and he knew first-hand how early diagnosis would have improved their vision. This is an exciting endeavor and we are proud to participate and offer these NO CHARGE infant exams to everyone, regardless of parental income. Please visit the InfantSEE Web site at www.infantsee.org.

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