Choose Us for All Your Contact Needs

Contact lenses are a lot more complex than you may think. They are very specifically engineered medical devices that require great attention and care in order to function to the best of their ability. According to the CDC, an estimated 45 million Americans use contact lenses, so there is a large chance you or someone you know needs them in order to see clearly. So why not order your prescription lenses through a trusted, local company like Maine Optometry?


A Variety of Lens Options

Maine Optometry has a wide selection of not only eyewear frames, but also contact lenses perfectly suited to your unique lifestyle and needs. We supply and fit both daily and monthly disposable soft lenses for astigmatic, spherical and multifocal patients. Rigid, gas permeable lenses are also available, along with monovision lenses and extended wear soft lenses. If none of these are what you’re looking for, fear not; Maine Optometry offers even more specialty lenses to suit your unique prescription.


Individualized Care and Instruction

We want to make sure you’re receiving the best care possible. That’s why we offer a complete instructional program for first time contact lens wearers. There are no “stupid” questions; lenses can be tricky! 

Even for the seasoned veteran of contact lens-wearing, it is important to us that we provide clear instruction for your specific situation. Not taking proper care of your lenses can lead to major problems in regards to the overall health of your eyes, and can make wearing them extremely uncomfortable. Our team is committed to individualized attention for each of our patients, and will provide quality follow-up care even after you’ve ordered through us.


See the Difference? Let’s Get Started

There are tons of options out there for taking care of your eye health needs. We don’t take it lightly that you choose to work with us, and so we are absolutely dedicated to providing you the best eyecare possible. That includes when you order your prescription contact lenses through us. Maine Optometry is proud to accept most major insurance plans, and we are always striving to be accessible. Order your contact lenses today!