We Are Primary Care for Your Eyes

Often overlooked, eyesight is one of the most critical senses we have. In fact, our eyes deliver 80% of the information we take in every day. Shouldn’t we take care of them? We think so.  

Doctor-owned, Maine Optometry is a full-service medical optometry practice with eight locations throughout Central and Southern Maine. For more than 35 years, we’ve proudly served the medical eye care and vision correction needs of children and adults in our communities.

Know that we proudly accept most insurance plans. Click here to see all the plans we accept. 

What is Glaucoma and Who is at Risk?

Treatment and prevention to protect your vision. Glaucoma has been called the “silent thief of sight” because it often develops without symptoms. More than 3 million people in the United States have this chronic eye disease—and some aren’t even aware that they have...

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Can Winter Weather Harm Eyes?

Common injuries and how to avoid them when out in the cold. It gets cold in Maine, and while we protect our body from the bitter bite of Jack Frost, it’s important to remember that our eyes need protection as well. Here are some common eye issues and how to avoid them...

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Maine Optometry’s New Facility in Gorham Now Open

September 23rd marked the opening day of Maine Optometry’s brand-new medical facility. The organization’s two-story, 12,000 square foot professional medical office building is located at 14 Vista Drive, Gorham. The new building replaces Maine Optometry’s Gorham office...

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