Maine Optometry was established as a practice in February 1984. The office was (and continues to be) housed in the old Day’s Jewelry Store building at 82 Maine Street in Brunswick. It was selected primarily because of its location. The building was completely reconstructed and the state-of-the-art optical department was designed by a California firm (Fashion Optical). The original plan was for this location to be a part-time practice with Dr. Blaine Littlefield splitting his time between a Gorham location where he practiced with Dr. Alan J. Mathieu and the Brunswick location.

Well, the practice grew, and it soon became apparent that the Brunswick practice would be more than part-time. In November of 1988, Dr. Littlefield bought the practice of local optometrist, Dr. Lionel F. DuBois who was contemplating retirement. The plan was to find a partner who would come in and join Dr. Littlefield and continue the growth of the practice as Dr. DuBois retired.

In June of 1990, after a two-year search and a couple of trial associates, Dr. Michelle A. Broderick (at the time, Dr. Michelle A. Bonneau) was asked to join the practice as an associate and she accepted. In July of 1994, she became a partner in the practice and the name was changed to Drs. Littlefield & Broderick, P.A.

Drs. Littlefield and Broderick practiced together for several years in the Brunswick office. In 2002, an opportunity arose to start a second office in Freeport. This office on Depot Street, located one block away from the major retail area, opened in December of that year. Both doctors, who call Freeport home, have enjoyed practicing in the community.

Dr. Todd M. Hamilton, a native of Caribou, Maine joined the practice as an associate in April of 2005 and in November of 2007, became a partner. The practice name was again changed and became Maine Optometry, P.A.

Maine Optometry continues to grow and expand its services to patients. It merged its two locations with a third practice in Gorham (347D Main Street), that of Dr. Alan J. Mathieu in February 2009. This third practice was the original practice that Dr. Littlefield shared with Dr. Alan J. Mathieu back in the 1980’s. Both Dr. Littlefield and Dr. Broderick had practiced with Dr. Mathieu in the early years of their careers. They remained friends over the years and are pleased to have renewed their professional association.

In the summer of 2010, Maine Optometry, P.A. acquired a 4th office in Yarmouth, located at 781 US Route 1, next to Pat’s Pizza.  The previous owner of that practice, Dr. Terry Smith, is currently enjoying retirement and Dr. William Gove is happily providing care for his previous patients and gladly accepting new patients as well.

In January of 2011 Maine Optometry, P.A. merged with Dr. Arthur Chapman in Standish. Dr. Chapman is now enjoying retirement and Dr. Todd Hamilton is now caring for his previous patients and happily accepting new patients.

Maine Optometry acquired Dr. Roger Bergeron’s Lewiston and Lisbon Falls locations. Dr. Bergeron is enjoying retirement while Dr. William Gove and Dr. Andre Achenbach care for his previous patients in Lewiston, as well as accepting new patients with expanded client care hours. In January 2015, Dr. Achenbach became a partner of Maine Optometry. Dr. Sheridon Gove is caring for the Lisbon Falls patients as well as accepting new patients with expanded hours.

In January of 2016 Maine Optometry, P.A. grew again and merged with Dr. Colin Robinson in Windham. Dr. Robinson is continuing to do neuro-rehabilitation in the office while Dr. Rachel Achenbach is caring for his previous primary care patients and happily accepting new patients.

In January of 2017, Dr. Littlefield retired after 33 years with the practice and Maine Optometry welcomed Dr. Danielle Pelletier to care for Freeport and Brunswick patients.

Today, our offices have showrooms with some of the largest selections of eyeglass frames and lenses in the state, three full-time functional optical laboratories in the Brunswick, Lewiston, & Gorham offices, state-of-the-art examination procedures and instrumentation, a well-trained and experienced staff of employees and very caring atmospheres. The doctors persistently explore new ways of ensuring patient satisfaction with input from both patients and staff. They continue their education and knowledge base to better serve their patients. Maine Optometry, P.A. has evolved into a premier optometric practice and is a proud representation of its eight doctors of optometry and their staff.

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