We Are Primary Care for Your Eyes

Often overlooked, eyesight is one of the most critical senses we have. In fact, our eyes deliver 80% of the information we take in every day. Shouldn’t we take care of them? We think so.  

Doctor-owned, Maine Optometry is a full-service medical optometry practice with eight locations throughout Central and Southern Maine. For more than 35 years, we’ve proudly served the medical eye care and vision correction needs of children and adults in our communities.

Know that we proudly accept most insurance plans. Click here to see all the plans we accept. 

Are Costume Contact Lenses Safe?

Halloween and costume parties are right around the corner, and we get it—you want your costume to impress. That means even the smallest of details matter. Imagine if your cat costume was topped off by having cat eyes? Or if your super scary zombie costume had...

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Aging and Your Eyes

What's normal and what's not in aging eye health. As we age, it’s completely normal to experience changes in vision. Whether you already wear glasses or contacts to correct your vision,  or if you’ve been blessed with 20/20 eagle eyesight, most of us will experience...

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Back to School Offer

New school year. New Glasses It’s back to school season, and while your focus may have been on making sure your child had all the needed supplies and tools to tackle the school year, it’s important to prioritize the tools they have had all along, like their vision!...

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