We’re Like Primary Care for Your Eyes

Often overlooked, eyesight is one of the most critical senses we have. In fact, our eyes deliver 80% of the information we take in every day. Shouldn’t we take care of them? We think so.  

Doctor-owned, Maine Optometry is a full-service medical optometry practice with eight locations throughout Central and Southern Maine. For more than 35 years, we’ve proudly served the medical eye care and vision correction needs of children and adults in our communities.

Know that we proudly accept most insurance plans. Click here to see all the plans we accept. 

Healthy Diet, Healthy Eyes

Best Nutrients for Healthy Eyes and What You Need to Eat Want great eye health? Pay attention to what you’re eating. What you put onto your plate and into your mouth helps your eyes just as much as it can help other parts of your body. Making sure you’re eating a...

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Do I have Digital Eye Strain?

The effect of technology on your eyesight It’s a digital age we live in, there’s no denying. Smartphones. Tablets. Computers. Televisions. On average, Americans are spending 6 hours and 43 minutes a day on a screen—that’s more than half the waking hours in a day! And...

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Should You Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Are you one of the average Americans who spend nearly half a day (every day) staring at a computer? If so, chances are at one point you’ve experienced dry or itchy eyes, eye strain, headaches, or blurred vision—this is known as digital eye strain. If...

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