Eyeglasses for every budget…

Our eyeglass showroom features an extensive collection of great looking frames. We display well-over 750 fashion frames in the most current styles that are being shown nationwide. They range in price from luxury to economy; something for everyone and every budget.

Also, included in our selection of eyewear is a complete line of sports/safety eyewear for those of you who are concerned with protection.Whether you participate in a sport or are just a spectator, the importance of good vision and a good pair of protective eyewear in adding to your success or enjoyment of the sport cannot be stressed enough.


We feature the latest lens options from single vision to no-line bifocals and specialty lenses for computer, occupational and sports use. Sunglasses are a specialty and we feature sun lens options including polarized, mirror and various sunglass tints including lenses that darker out-of-doors and lighten indoors (Transitions™). Scratch coating as well as non-glare is available as a lens treatment to keep your lenses looking like new and to improve your vision and appearance.

All of our eyewear is fitted by certified dispensing opticians who are trained to assist you in selecting the perfect pair of eyeglasses to enhance your appearance and provide you with the best possible use of your prescription eyewear. We stand behind all eyeglasses purchased in our office. Your satisfaction is our guarantee –  we’re not happy until you’re happy!

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