Should You Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

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Maine Optometry - Blue Light Lenses

Are you one of the average Americans who spend nearly half a day (every day) staring at a computer? If so, chances are at one point you’ve experienced dry or itchy eyes, eye strain, headaches, or blurred vision—this is known as digital eye strain. If you’ve experienced digital eye strain, or are on a digital… Read more »

New Construction for our Gorham Practice

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Maine Optometry continues to grow! We recently broke ground in Gorham for the construction of a new, two-story, 12,000 square-foot professional medical office building located at 25 Main Street. Designed by Dirigo Architectural Engineering of Turner and managed by Zachau Construction of Freeport, the project is slated for completion in early August 2019. We’re expanding… Read more »